Client Referrals

We recognise that there may be occasions where, for a variety of reasons, you might like to pass the customer over to Impact Specialist Finance to handle. For example, where a case is highly complex (Bridging/Over 55’s/Portfolios), you are going on holiday, but clients require immediate solutions or perhaps you don’t have the relevant permissions.

Impact SF are happy and able to accept referrals for both regulated and non-regulated cases - including bridging and commercial enquiries. Impact will pay you a share of the procuration fee following completion and, other than for the specific mortgage transaction, the customer will always remain yours!

How do I refer clients?

  • As you will probably expect, we have a formal agreement to be completed. This is important for both of us, and the client too.
  • Appropriate FCA permissions may be required in certain circumstances.
  • If you hold Appointed Representative status under the FCA it is incumbent upon you to advise your Network and obtain their agreement to work under this arrangement. Once approved, Impact SF will commence liaison with the introduced client in respect of the mortgage/finance. This helps ensure Impact SF meet their Legal and Regulatory obligations as we will be assuming full responsibility for the advice and recommendation process.
  • To become an approved introducer, please call us on 01403 272625 or email

Terms & Conditions of Business

Impact Money Group have compiled a formal Agreement with associated Terms and Conditions. A copy is available upon request. It is necessary for you to apply for, and obtain approval, prior to submitting any referrals to Impact Packaging. Please NOTE a regular level of referrals are typically required to maintain any approval if/when granted.

When holding an Appointed Representative status under the FCA it is the proposed Introducers responsibility to advise their Network and duly obtain agreement to work under this arrangement. (impact money group remain entitled to randomly check with a supervising Network that they are aware, and agree, to the referral arrangement).

Once approved, any Introduction made will mean Impact Specialist Finance (Part of impact money group) take over the relationship with the client, in respect of the mortgage. This helps ensure the members of the impact money group comply with their Legal and Regulatory obligations.

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