Octopus Property

Octopus Property provides debt funding to investors and developers in the UK across the full property lifecycle, from short-term Bridge finance to medium-term Development finance and longer-term Buy To Let (BTL) and Commercial Term loans.

Octopus' wide range of products, spanning the Residential and Commercial sectors, means they can back clients for the long term. They’re not a bank, so they’re not constrained by lending limits or rigid criteria on who they can lend to. Their capital is discretionary, and they have the flexibility to structure a deal around the needs of your clients, however unconventional those might be.

Residential Bridging

  • Flexibility on security types
  • Confident in lending to Foreign nationals and Ex-Pats
  • Adverse can be considered
  • Completion time from 2-4 weeks
  • Minimum Loan size: £50k
  • Arrangement Fee: 2%
  • Proc Fee: 1.5%
  • Interest Rates: 0.69% pm
  • Exit Fee: 0%
  • Minimum Term: 1 Month
  • Maximum Term: 12 Months
  • Maximum LTV: 70%


  • Available to first timers through to experienced renovators
  • Can fund any refurbishment project where the existing structure will remain in place and can accommodate a broad level of work being completed i.e. light / medium / heavy
  • Examples include a house conversion into flats, a commercial asset converted into residential, a full internal rework of a house requiring full renovation, single-storey extensions and loft conversions
  • One off £995 fee for Asset manager visits, rather than continual fees for a QS
  • Perfect for auction purchases, we can meet the tight completion timeframes
  • Build costs: £25k-£1m
  • Minimum Loan Size: £200k
  • Arrangement Fee: 2%
  • Interest Rate: 0.75% net
  • Exit fee: 0%
  • Day 1 LTV: 70% net
  • LTC: 85%
  • LTGDV: 65%

To discuss Octopus Property call our sales team on 01403 272625 (option 2) or email us at sales.team@impactsf.co.uk To discuss Bridging and Commercial call on 01403 272625 (option 4) or email us at impactcommercial@impactpackaging.co.uk