Bluestone Mortgages

Bluestone Mortgages is a specialist lender in the UK whose ambition is simple - to help more of your customers get an affordable mortgage. They can help your customers who can demonstrate affordability, but who are struggling to get past the automated application processes.

They help all types of customers including; Self-Employed, Contractors and those who have experienced Credit Problems through a genuine bump in the road.

Residential Products


  • CCJ’s / Defaults ignored if > 36 months
  • All telecom CCJ/Defaults ignored
  • All CCJ's/Defaults below £300 ignored
  • Debt Management Plans accepted/ Debt Arrangement Schemes - Can remain on completion ‘No Minimum Term’
  • IVA/Bankruptcy/Sequestration/DRO/Trust Deed
  • No credit scoring
  • Loan to Income ratio capped at 4.5x for all residential loans

Key Features:

  • Up to 75% LTV
  • 2 Year Fixed from 4.59%
  • 3 Year Fixed from 4.64%
  • 5 Year Fixed from 4.69%
  • Variable Rate from 4.89%
  • Fee: £1,495

BTL Products


  • Interest Only available on Clear & AAA
  • Rental Cover calculations with option to top up with personal income on Clear & AAA
  • First time landlords accepted (must have previously purchased a residential property)
  • No credit scoring

Key Features:

  • Up to 75% LTV
  • 2 Year Fixed from 5.54%
  • 3 Year Fixed from 5.59%
  • 5 Year Fixed from 5.64%
  • Variable Rate from 5.84%
  • Fee: 2.0%

Bluestone can accept mortgage enquiries or applications from Directly Authorised Brokers and Appointed Representatives of Networks - via Impact Packaging

To discuss Bluestone Mortgages call our sales team on 01403 272625 (option 2) or email us at